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Dead˚beat    /ded bēt/

Noun – 1.a person who tries to evade paying debts 2. A lazy person adj.


My Story


There are two sides to every story.  Who is a deadbeat?  Someone who doesn’t care?  Someone who can’t pay?  On paper, I am a deadbeat. At one time, I didn’t care about politics but, neither did any of my successful friends.  I had the lifestyle of my dreams: 2 houses, one over 3,000 sqft on a private golf course,  a fulfilling career, and even a boat.  I didn’t have a care in the world and I paid well to make sure my life remained that way.  Then I experienced a turnaround and within two years my houses were gone, my career was over and I was living in a 1972, 19 ft. Lazydays RV.  I couldn’t see a way to change my life back without all the money I used to enjoy.  Only then is when I started to care about the politics that dictated the confines of my life and the labels that society assigned to me, but it was too late.  I couldn’t afford to change anything.  So who’s the deadbeat? The person who’s too lazy to care, or the person who can’t pay? Is  America  becoming a nation of people who can’t pay to be heard, or a nation of people who don’t care? Deadbeat America.


Problem: What is wrong with the system?


We, as a nation, are living under blind faith.  We want to ignore that we will be the next victims of tomorrow’s social problems. To lull ourselves into false security, we place blame. We vilify people who are in worse shape than we are,” those deadbeat people”.


Our blind patriotism is making us jump into decisions and electing politicians while unchecked policies are taking away our freedoms and hindering our nation.  Our political system has been perverted to promote blind faith in political parties without examining or discussing the policies they are implementing in a meaningful way.    A talking head will say the sound bite, the pundits will agree or disagree based on their party affiliation, but no one does any fact-checking or deep thinking.  Everyone just moves on to the next sound bite. Our blind faith in our political process is not working.


I want…


I want people who make public statements to be held accountable for what they have said.  I also want people to hold me accountable. I don’t want to just accept sound bites; I want us to explore the repercussions of these policies and how it will affect people.


I believe…


The average American can’t be heard because we don’t have enough money to get the attention of the politicians who are supposed to represent us. Our rights are being trampled by special interest policies and laws.  Our deadbeat politicians are not paying the debt they owe to society.


The Solution…


I am creating this webpage as forum for free discussion.  I’m only one person doing this but with your help  I’d like to transform a simple blog into a podcast and maybe eventually a videocast.  Together with your ideas, I’d like to hold our government officials accountable and get our officials to do what we want them to do.  This is not a crying session of “Woe is me…”, but we are not all just deadbeat citizens.  There are two sides to every issue and instead of rallying behind sound bites, we to need figure out what changes we want implemented without party divisions.


Nothing is black or white, everyone on welfare is not a dope addict who needs to be drug tested.   Not every illegal immigrant is smuggling  drugs and has “calves the size of cantaloupes”. ( Quote from Senator Steve King from Iowa) Every Republican is not evil.  Every Democrat is not a bleeding heart liberal.  We should and can find middle ground.



Thank you,

Shawn Feuerstein deadbeatamerica2




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