EP 003 Double Standards and Parking Violations

Shawn and Cory talk about what Shawn feels are some double standards. Cory talks about his idea for a parking lot shaming app. . If you feel like being aggravated by inflammatory comments, this episode is for you!

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4 thoughts on “EP 003 Double Standards and Parking Violations

  1. This was really a good one boys! Shawn your language, do I need to wash your mouth out with soap? Lol! @ Cory, you did wear a costume to school when you were little. Super good pod cast! Love Mom

    • Thanks for the input Boris/Natasha/Moose/Squirrel – I am sure that this would be in reference to Episode 6 and I would love to be able to address where we were offensive with snide undertones regarding the disabled. Perhaps you would point out a couple of specific points of contention and allow for some healthy conversation? Either way thanks for downloading and listening!

  2. Dear Boris, I would like to say thanks for listening to this podcast. Now I’m going to call Bullshit! Tell me how many buildings in old Europe are teeming with wheelchair ramps!? We have no problem with anyone. I have a problem with fake outrage, and deadbeat scumbags. I feel this lawyer fits my scumbag definition. First, he’s a lawyer,second, he is using his(for a lack of better word) “handicap” to make money off of hard working working people(in the thousands). I also feel you’re a troll! That’s fine! Tell all your friends that want to voice their fake out rage. And if you can’t understand (how do say they this in Europe?) Piss off !

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